Garinger Vietnam Memorial - Dedicated August 8, 2014 

The Garinger Vietnam Memorial was rededicated May 22, 2016 with names of  three newly-discovered sons of Central High School and Garinger High School: William Johnson,  Steve Kerley and Dickie Pettit

Robert Merrill Campbell
Born 8/8/48
Attended Garinger & North Meck, Graduated Olympic 1967
US Marine Corps, PFC
KIA South Vietnam 1/27/69
Archie Monroe Carlyle
Born 07/24/46
Attended Garinger 1961-63 (10th, 11th grade)
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 09/26/67
Donald Ray Chamblin Jr
Born 02/04/48
Attended Garinger 1963-65 (10th & 11th grade)
US Marines, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 3/08/68
Glenn Richard Cook "Cookie"
Born 09/10/45
Graduated Garinger 1963
US Air Force, CPT
KIA South Vietnam 10/21/69
Daryl Lee Davis
Born 07/05/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Air Force, A1C
KIA South Vietnam 11/30/67
Robert Lane Fallows
Born 06/02/48
Attended Garinger 1963-64(10th grade) & West Meck
US Navy, EN3
KIA South Vietnam 2/26/70
Ronald Devone Griffin
Born 09/11/49
Attended Garinger 1966-68 (10th -12th grade)
US Army, PFC
KIA South Vietnam 4/21/68
Terry Alan Hodges
Born 09/21/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Army, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 8/19/68
William Samuel Irby "Sammy"
Born 02/12/49
Attended Garinger 1966-67 (10th grade)
US Army, SGT
KIA South Vietnam 8/8/68
William Allen Johnson
Born 04/13/41
Graduated Central High School 1958
KIA South Vietnam 10/26/66
Royd Steve Kerley, Jr.
Born 09/14/46
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 4/17/67
Ansel Wendell Morse
Born 03/29/50
Graduated Garinger 1968
US Marine Corps, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 6/08/70
George Michael Price
Graduated Garinger 1966
Born 09/29/47
US Marine Corps,
KIA South Vietnam 10/29/68
Robert Harold Pettit "Dickie"
Born 10/01/44
Attended Garinger 1963 (10th grade)
US Marines, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 4/5/67
Johnny Saxon
Born 08/12/50
Attended Garinger 1967-68 (10th grade)
US Army, CPL
KIA South Vietnam 4/18/71
Michael Ray Smith "Pinky"
Born 6/6/45
Graduated Garinger 1964
US Marine Corps, LCPL
KIA South Vietnam 5/13/67
James Randall Williams
Born 3/28/45
Attended Garinger 1961-62, Graduated East Meck
US Air Force, SMS
KIA South Vietnam 12/29/67
(Casualty Date 6/24/77)
Fred Melvin Wrenn
Born 05/05/47
Graduated Garinger 1965
US Army, SP4
KIA South Vietnam 1/05/68
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